Kangaroo Mob


Join our Vision for a Thriving Outback Community
We are committed to our community and ongoing expansion of The Outback and the Kangaroo Mob Metaverse. We support inclusion, diversity, and community oriented expansion based on your input.
The Outback Bank
The community wallet gets funded with 5Ξ , and it is used for various purposes, decided by the KMOB DAO, such as acquiring specific NFTs, supporting other artists in the space, funding community ideas, donating to NGOs, etc.
DAO & Giveaways
20x Kangaroos & Merchandising Drop giveaway to lucky holders.
KMOB DAO system for off-chain governance is built and released to the community via the Snapshot platform by creating a dedicated space for holders to vote on proposals.
Substances + Blending
Kangaroo Mob Substances is a collection of individual chemical NFT's that gives the option to the owner to use on one of their genesis Kangaroos within their possession. FREE Class II Substance claim for each Kangaroo held.
Blending mechanism is implemented, providing holders the option to combine three Class II substance test tubes to create a highly toxic, and severely irritating Class I chemical, contained in an Erlenmeyer flask.
Mass Intoxication
Kangaroos start drinking substances and the intoxication process begins. The consequences are devastating. An extremely hazardous C1 Substance could lead to a rarer intoxication effect. This procedure does not harm or change the original kangaroo neither the substance used it on. It instead produces a new NFT asset branded under our Kangaroo Mob Intoxicated collection.
Future Plans
Skill Exchange Platform to make connections on web3, backstory and comic development, tokenomics, collaboration with other projects, brands, and artists.