Kangaroo Mob


A Tale of Intelligence and Power Shift in the Outback
Once upon a time, in the heart of The Outback, a group of kangaroos lived a peaceful life. They roamed the vast landscapes, grazed on native vegetation, and enjoyed the warm sun on their backs.
But one day, something strange happened. The kangaroos began to develop a higher level of intelligence, evolving at an unprecedented rate. As their intelligence continued to grow, they started to organise and form complex societies. They created their own culture, mimicking human society in many ways. And before long, kangaroos became the dominant species on the planet.
Humans were taken aback by the sudden shift in power. The once passive creatures had become advanced and organized, using their newfound intelligence to control and manipulate the world around them.

Massive Intoxication

One day, a small group of kangaroos stumbled upon a lab that was abandoned by humans. They were curious and started exploring the strange equipment and vials of chemicals. Being intelligent creatures, they started to experiment with the chemicals and found that they could create new and interesting substances.
Before long, the kangaroos became obsessed with their newfound knowledge and started spending all their time in the lab, mixing and drinking different chemicals. They believed that the chemicals would make them stronger, faster and more intelligent. However, they did not realize that the chemicals they were drinking were highly toxic and dangerous.
Over time, the kangaroos started to mutate, developing strange abilities. The once-beautiful outback was now filled with toxic chemicals, bringing a new era of chaos and dystopia.